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#089 – Ed Bellis: Complexity is the Enemy

Ed Bellis is a security industry veteran and expert and was once named “Information Security Executive of the Year”. He currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Kenna Security. He founded Kenna Security to deliver a data-driven risk-based approach to remediation and help IT teams prioritize and thwart would-be security threats.

Ed is the former CISO of Orbitz and former Vice President, Corporate Information Security at Bank of America. He is an advisor to Dascena and former advisor to, Dharma, and Society of Payment Security Professionals. Ed is a contributing author to the book, Beautiful Security. He is also a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as RSA, BlackHat, and many others.

In this episode, we discuss vulnerability management maturity, how to focus on remediation, inventory management, securing cloud services, IoT devices in the enterprise, entrepreneurship, hiring the right people, and so much more.

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