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#119 – Jenna Waters: This Is My Team

Jenna Waters is a Cybersecurity Consultant at True Digital Security where she specializes in information security program development, industry compliance assessments, threat intelligence, and cloud security controls. She is an experienced professional who consults with companies across multiple industries in achieving security-related best practices and/or regulatory compliance objectives related to risk management and compliance frameworks, and various privacy laws throughout the United States.

Jenna began her career in the United States Navy working under the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command at the Naval Intelligence Operations Center (NIOC) and with the National Security Agency (NSA). Afterward, she graduated from the University of Tulsa with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Jenna is passionate about sharing her knowledge of cybersecurity with business owners, public policy leaders, and healthcare, financial, and tech industry members. When she isn’t busy helping her clients protect their customers’ data, Jenna is a voracious reader, aspiring hobbyist, and dog mom of two.

In this episode, we discuss starting cybersecurity with the U.S. Navy, tying spoken languages to coding languages, leading and managing people, building an information security program, getting leadership buy-in, using frameworks for resiliency, diversity and inclusion, and so much more.

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